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“My prose is so viral, I influenz-ya.”

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It’s almost impossible to task myself with trying to bolt down the words I’m going to use to describe the movements in my life as of late. I use the word movements, because it has been something of a symphony. Less chapters and more transitions. Nothing too jarring, but nonetheless, very, very noticeable from a birds-eye view.


The language has changed and a large portion of my life has been caught up in the vernacular that screams the needs of my clients and the arena in which we fight with our clients.


They’re not dead, they’re most certainly alive, but very much so in the form they are inherently described as – dreams; fantasies, not manifested, ready to unfold.

Within the next few days, I’m going to take things a bit fuzzier, more astrological and ethereal, but I’ll try to bring down the words to something concrete and less, ya know, spiritual. To say that I’ve discovered the secret to life is so far off its intended purpose, but to say that I found what I believe to be the key that unlocks the box that holds the instructions to activate the map that leads us to the place that has the answers to the meaning of life, is not wrong.

I’m moving mountains and cutting stone to build myself a space in this physical world to make due, to make a mark, to till the land so that my family can cultivate from here on out, but inside my soul, inside the very thing that holds this infinite array of knowledge, I am slowly freeing myself to allow.

“My barn having burned to the ground, I can now see the moon.”
– Japanese poet Masahide

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