Grow Your Business With Facebook Ads

If Your Business Is Not Leveraging Facebook, You Are Already Behind Your Competition.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running business to business or business to consumer. You can absolutely leverage the power of social media.

There is so much information out there and everyone is desperately trying to get your attention and sell you their services, they don’t actually listen, make you promises they can’t keep and take your hard earned money.

My services are tailored for you, especially if your business has been around for years and needs to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape or you’re new to online marketing and need a solid game plan to get out there and start growing.

Hi, my name is Byong Bark and I’ve had the honor of working with Fortune 500 brands on social media and I’ve seen first hand how the big boys drop loads of cash to completely crush the competition making it impossible for the small to medium sized businesses to compete.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned, condensed it, optimized it for you and your business.

For you, it’s not just business. Your business IS personal.

Throughout my experience I’ve encountered these top three concerns:

  1. Social media doesn’t work for my business.
  2. I sell to other businesses. (B2B)
  3. It’s too expensive.

“One conversation with me and you’ll learn whether or not social media is for you. 100% transparency, guaranteed.”

In our meeting we’ll discuss:

  • If social media is right for you.
  • Current pain points.
  • A cost effective ad budget.
  • If we’re a good fit for success.

Additionally, there are three very specific outcomes I’ll be focusing on during our call:

  1. I don’t want to lie to you. If your business isn’t cut out for social media, I will tell you. I’m not here to take your money without giving you results.
  2. If you can afford it. You will need an advertising budget on top of paying for services.
  3. A working relationship is still a relationship. Let’s build a good, fun, successful relationship, together. That can only happen if I have confidence in your business and you have confidence in me.

I promised transparency, so here’s what you won’t get

  1. Free advertising. Facebook has been rebuilt as an advertising platform. As a business, you have to pay to play.
  2. Overnight success. At the core of advertising is testing. Testing takes time. Fortunately, with my experience, we’ll have a great head start.
  3. A hands free process. This is a working relationship. If I bring leads, you have to close the deals. If I need something installed on your website, I’m going to need access or you’re going to have to get that done. Of course, I’ll try my best to make it as painless as possible.

How We Start

Contact me. With the information you provide, I will do a quick audit of your business and then set up a call to see if we can work on your success.

Why Am I Doing This?

In the past I worked at marketing and advertising agencies that had clients from Fortune 500 companies to small restaurant chains. Nothing was worse than working hard on successful big budget, big brand campaigns and watching the corporate execs get all the credit. 

However, working alongside the owners of smaller companies and having them thank me, personally for a job well done was much more fulfilling and allowed me to work harder for them as well as foster a brighter relationship. 

“I want to feel your business thrive and succeed.”

Get Started Now

100% Transparency. Guaranteed. 

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