Need A Drinking Buddy?

Sometimes You Just Need A Drink

Does it ever seem like you can’t catch a break or no one is listening to you? Believe me. I get it.

One of the better traits I posses and have sharpened through my career in managing client relations was the ability to mesh well and really listen to my clients. From the fine nuances in micro-expressions and changes in tonality, to language changes in text prose and rhetoric, it’s my own unique super hero power.

I get it. Sometimes:

  • You feel alone or that nobody gets you.
  • People don’t wan’t to listen, except maybe the sounds of their own voices.
  • You need an outside, unbiased opinion.
  • You had a tough day.
  • You just need to vent.

“For just a few bucks, I’m your guy. We can arrange a video call, grab our choice of drink and you got yourself a drinking buddy.”


I’m 100% completely and totally serious.

But before we get started, I can’t express how important this next statement is.

If you believe you may be suffering from depression or any other emotional wellness and mental health issues, please seek professional help.  


Emotional wellness hits very close to home and I take it very seriously.

But sometimes you’re just looking for a drinking buddy or a friend:

  • To talk it out.
  • For tough love.
  • To give it to you straight.
  • For insight.
  • To motivate you.
  • To celebrate your wins.

But let’s make a few things clear. I am not going to:

  1. Arbitrarily praise you. You have to earn that.
  2. Sugar coat things. I offer 100% transparency, with tact.
  3. Solve your problems. We can discuss possible solutions, absolutely. But it’s up to you to actually solve them.
  4. Tell you what to do. Ultimately, you choose how you move forward in life.

Sounds great! What’s next?

Contact me. Send me a little note on how you’re feeling or what’s on your mind. I’ll do my best to prep for the conversation. We’ll schedule a video call, grab our choice of drink and hash it out.

Wait, so this is real?

Absolutely, 100%. Professionally or personally, I have given my time to many people and they all say the same thing; thanks! Work and life can get tough and leave us lonely, misunderstood and just plain beat up. We can all use a break, a vent session and a refreshing point of view.

Maybe you don’t need my professional social media advertising and community building services. But I’m more than happy to help my fellow human fight the good fight – and what better way than with good old fashioned conversation and a drink.

“So what’ll it be? Coffee, cocktail, water or tea?”

Let’s Talk

100% Transparency. Guaranteed. 

LEt’s Get gabbin’ for $15 USD/15 minutes