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Does Your Brand Need Community Content?

If your brand or product has a fan base you may need community content, the heart and soul of social media. 

The problem is, you probably don’t have the time or creativity to do the work to keep your fans engaged and trust me, I know, it’s a lot of work.

I’ve personally created and directed teams to develop content for Fortune 500 brands.  From crunching out copy, to designing clean imagery, composing beautiful photographs and producing video that resonates with fans, I’ve done it all from top to bottom.

And now, I’ve taken that very same blueprint used at the big agencies and brands and want to bring it to you.

I completely understand the concerns, no matter how big the client, the questions are always the same:

  • You know you need to be on social media, but you don’t know how.
  • You don’t have the time to deal with social media, despite knowing the great benefits of being on social.
  • You know how to run a business, but creativity isn’t your thing.

“Combining creative content, with business and marketing is what I do best. Let’s discuss how we can work together to grow your audience.”

Let’s talk and figure out:

  1. If your brand needs community content
  2. How you can leverage social media to grow your audience which will lead to compounding sales down the line.
  3. What your needs are as a business growing its community.
  4. If our philosophies align.

You will walk away from our conversation knowing:

  • If your audience is an untapped resource and hungry for community content and ready for growth, or if you need to focus on strictly advertising or a combination of both. This is very important and the answers may surprise you.
  • If your audience is really a purchasing audience. Often times clients think they have a fan base or know who their fan base is when in reality they don’t. This was actually a very common revelation for our clients during my agency days.
  • If we’re both excited to be working together. Trust and seeing eye-to-eye on the brand vision are fundamental to our success.

Finally, I want to be clear on what community content isn’t going to bring you

Instant Sales. You’re growing and fostering a community that is ready to purchase when they are. It’s not about pushing products and forcing people to buy now. It’s about keeping your brand on top of their minds so that when the time comes, your brand is the first thing they think of.

Direct Return On Investment (ROI). Unless we’re running a very specific ad campaign tracing sales to content isn’t cut and dry. We can make connections and track trends but it’s never 100% certain and never 100% accurate that a community post led to specific sales. Don’t believe people who tell you that. Don’t let them lie to you and take your hard earned money.

Influencer Content/Program. Real influencers who have real impact are expensive. It’s ridiculous and an absolute strategic mistake if you aren’t a big brand – and even then it’s questionable if poorly executed. Don’t fall for that buzz trap.

Next steps

Contact me. With the information you provide, I will do a quick audit of your business and then set up a call to see if we can work on growing your audience.

Why Am I Doing This?

My father is a local businessman. I’ve grown up watching his friends and their businesses get swallowed up by big corporations. People with families losing their source of income because they were “Out-Marketed” by the big boys. In this digital age, we have the tools to fight back and I want nothing more than to level the playing field.

And if you are a big brand, but you’re tired of all the big agency bull with the constant purchase orders, billings and being nickel and dimed for every little thing, then let’s talk and get you out of agency hell.

“Your growth is my success.”

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